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The AL-KA-PALS Youth Organization was established in 1958, by Beta Eta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®.  

The goals of our youth group are to train, promote and enhance community service, educational awareness and leadership skills of young people. The AL-KA-PALS, in conjunction with the members of Beta Eta Omega Chapter, support the platforms of the National Sorority.


The AL-KA-PALS consists of both male and female students in grades 9 through 12.  Application for membership is available to 9th - 11th grade students at the beginning of each school year.  


Each member is required to pay an annual membership fee to be considered a Financial Member.  The dues help to cover expenses and to allow members to receive free/reduced cost to many events.


Each year, the students are encouraged to petition for offices, in the organization.  They campaign, give speeches indicating why they should be elected for that office.  The members vote on the candidates in their May meeting.  The elected officers and all new members are inducted at the September meeting.  

The monthly meetings are focused on subjects of interest to the members. Sorority members and community leaders are guest speakers and workshops presenters, addressing topics of interest to the members, such as: College Readiness, Diversity and Race Relations, Economic Empowerment, Etiquette and Social Skills, Health, Political Concerns, Public Speaking, and Voter's Registration/Voting Impact.

The AL-KA-PALS are invited to actively participate in a variety of events, such as community service projects as well as several sorority-sponsored programs and activities such as: assisting, monthly, at the Mary Scott Nursing Center; Earth Day/Adopt-a-Park (Playground Project; participating in the MLK Day March and "A Day of Service" program recognizing local veterans and active-duty service members; participating in the "Adopt-a-Highway" clean-up effort; and donating seasonal wraps for those in need.

Click link for the 2023-2024 Al-Ka-Pals Application Form:

Al-Ka-Pals Application.pdf

For more information about the Al-Ka-Pals, 

please contact Terrah Hunter: or

Robin Blathers:

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